Septic System Repair

Full Circle Environmental has all the resources needed to tackle any repair, modification, or upgrade to an existing system.  With property maintenance, septic systems can last many years; however, repairs and upgrades are often necessary to enhance the lifespan and a functioning of each component.  Examples of such are access risers, distribution boxes, filters, and control panels.

Clogged septic tank


How Septic Tanks Can Fail  
Pharmaceuticals and cleaning products can negatively impact bacteria inside of the septic tank that is critical to waste digestion. Disposal of products such as medicines and chemicals into your septic system should be avoided. Grease, non-biodegradable, and excessive water usage can also have negative impacts on the functioning of a septic tank.  If prolonged exposure to such items continues, systems will eventually deteriorate, and fail.  Excessively wet seasons are natural weather systems can stress systems as well as they are heavily influenced operationally by the presence of water and saturated soils.

How Long Does a Septic System Last?  
Septic systems are not designed to forever. Most homeowners can expect the need to repair or replace a system or component at some point. If the septic system is designed and installed properly, then the chances for success is much greater. Tree root intrusion, saturated soils and heavy rainfall, excessive water usage, and water table variations are all factors that can severely reduce the lifespan of a septic system.